As drivers, we all try to avoid those dings on our driving record that cause insurance premiums to go up. If you’re wondering how those points are assessed, read on. There are two methods for how points get blemish your record. They can be either assessed by your state DMV or they insurance companies may assign these points to your insurance profile themselves. Most states use one of these two systems.

You can learn more about how your state assesses your points. Firstly, each state holds its own statute of limitations on how long it takes before points are removed on your record. In Maine, points take one year to disappear and in Massachusetts, they remain for six years. You can find out how long points remain on your record at your state DMV.

If you have been ticketed for a traffic violation, it’s easy to get your driving record from the DMV to find out how many points you have racked up. If you’ve gotten a traffic violation in the past, it’s always a good idea to get your driving record from the DMV. You can then enroll in traffic school or take other actions.

You may also be able to see and obtain your driving record online. Check out your state’s DMV website to find out how or if you can. Typically, there’s a nominal fee to obtain it online. Your driving record can follow you from state to state. If you move, remember that many things you’d rather forget such as convictions, accidents, moving violations, and other items will be detailed on your driving record. You can’t outrun your driving past, no matter how much you’d like to do so.

While points on your record lead to auto insurance premiums, points on your license can also lead to serious consequences like the revocation or suspension of your driver’s license. Securing cheap car insurance with multiple points on your record could be difficult. If you are ever in doubt about the number of points you have acquired might affect your driving privileges, or if you want to find ways to ameliorate your situation, you can always consult a traffic attorney for assistance. Don’t worry – you can escape your past, but there are steps you can take to alleviate the consequences of points on your driving record.