Sometimes, securing an auto insurance policy is as easy as calling up a company, giving out some details, and paying that first premium. But for other people, it can be a little more complicated. There are many reasons that drivers can be denied auto insurance, or may have trouble finding a company to accept them as customers. Some of these reasons may include the fact that you have a poor driving record, own a special or high-performance vehicle, are a new driver with little or no insurance history, or live in an area with high rates of theft and vandalism. If any of these might apply to you, don’t worry too much. There are certainly ways to secure insurance for your needs. You might consider the following factors in deciding which car insurance to get:

All states have what’s called a state-assigned risk pool, and most insurance companies are a part  of this risk pool. Basically, drivers who are in the pool are guaranteed to get insurance through the companies to which they are assigned, no matter how high their risk. Of course, the premiums on these policies will be much higher than a normal policy, but motorists in this pool are guaranteed coverage, so it’s pretty good. You can learn more about your state-assigned risk pool or how to be listed as part of it by contacting local insurance companies.

Some drivers who are considered to be “high risk” have insurance policies that are specifically tailored to them. Insurers specialize in particular policies written specifically for drivers with high-risk traits, such as having a poor driving record, owning a high-performance vehicle, or living in a high-risk area. Sometimes, these policies can offer a better deal than policies through state-assigned risk pools. Rates may be lower, and you may also be able to get more comprehensive coverage than basic liability. If you need a list of companies who sell non-standard insurance policies, you can contact your insurance agent or state insurance department.

Even if you are considered a high-risk driver, you still have options for securing a satisfactory insurance policy. The policy may cost you a little bit more in the end, but it will probably afford you peace of mind and it will save you much more in the long run if you should ever be involved in a serious accident. Although the goal for many of us is to buy as cheap car insurance as possible, it’s not always possible given other factors. The best thing to do is to do your own homework and understand how insurance companies offer coverage in your area.